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We work collaboratively with our clients to uncover the most effective and efficient way to achieve their needs.

Our team of experts has over twenty years of brokerage, management, investment, due diligence, and suitability experience. As an investor, you can sustain losses that are not specifically investment or market-related. This translates to your investment professional and their firm making money while you sustain losses. 

At Recover Stock Losses we analyze your specific account(s), investment(s), to ascertain whether or not you have losses that can be recovered.  We are experts in Stock Transactions, Private Placements, Fixed Annuities, ETF's, ETN's, Bonds and other Investment Products. 

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From our battle-tested process to our reliable client care, we’re here for you

Our wide range of services are backed by industry knowledge and our passion to help clients find solutions perfectly tailored to their needs.

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    Free Consultation

    Our team reviews the documentation you supply on your investment(s), correspondence with your investment professional(s) and their firm(s) to determine where and how your losses occurred. 

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    Forensic Review

    We create an analytical matrix of your investment(s) and entire portfolio. This assists us in determining your total commissions, margin interest, turnover, cost of equity, and other mitigating factors. 

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    Arbitration & Mediation

    Our team has vast experience in Arbitration & Mediation with all Regulatory Authorities.  We work with a network of top attorneys that specialize in representing clients and Broker-Dealers, Registered Representatives, Investment Advisors or other Investment Professionals.  

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